Meeting: 24 September 2013

Happy Homecoming Week everyone! Here’s how our meeting this week went:

Student Senators were officially paired up with campus organizations – so if you are a part of an on campus student organization you should have a senator specifically representing the interests of that organization. One of our goals for this year is to better represent the student body, and we think this is a move in that direction.

We are still working to meet with the Library and Student Life to discuss the funding of the New York Times subscription for the campus. According to the survey that was sent out, 70% of students said they would read the NYT if it were brought back to campus. Also, 42% said they’d prefer to see the subscription provided digitally, and about 20% would rather see the KC Star on campus – so we will look into those options as well. 

Addressing Safety Issues: Safety on campus has been a topic of concern lately, and the Student Life committee is working on addressing that concern. For now, we are working to arrange a safety walk in the near future and looking to have the burnt out lights in the Schumaker parking lot replaced. 

Sustainability: The sustainability committee is working to bring convenient glass recycling to campus.

KC/Liberty: GO TO THE LIBERTY FALL FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND! If you haven’t been it can be a lot of fun, and is only a short walk from campus (on the downtown Liberty Square).

Finally, Senate voted to allocate $500 to facilitate a “Pot Luck Tailgate Event.” The idea for the event came from a group of student leaders at Senate’s “Encampment Meeting” at the beginning of the school year. The plan is for the event to take place before the home football game on October 19th. The way this will likely work is that each student organization will be bring some sort of food item, and we will all meet up together and celebrate before going to support of Cardinal Football Team. Look for more info to come soon, but expect great food, games, music, and maybe even some free koozies for those that attend!

Have a great rest of your week, and enjoy the homecoming festivities! 

Meeting: 17 September 2013

Hello everyone! Here’s how our meeting tonight went:

We decided to change Senate’s meeting time back to 5:30pm on Tuesday evenings.

An update on the NY Times subscription – after seeking funding from the Student Life office we will continue our efforts by bringing the issue to the Library for financial support in order to bring the NY Times back to campus. 

Some updates have been made to the Funds Request form; the updated document can be found under the “Documents/Forms” tab on the Student Senate website. This revised document should promote more responsible use of Senate’s funds and will address some concerns that were brought about at the end of last year. 

The three event ideas that were proposed by the student leaders of our campus at the Encampment meeting in August were presented to Senate today; these are: (1) a skit night in Gano for all campus organizations, (2) a potluck style tailgate party at a future football game, and (3) a bowling night for Jewell students. Next week Senate will vote on which idea we will fund and help to facilitate. 


Committee chairs for the year were announced tonight, each committee will be chaired by the senator(s) indicated below:

Student Life (Chelsea Taff & Clay Shaffstall): first order of business is to pursue various safety updates around campus; these projects include the following: a sidewalk up from the Sahara to the upperclassmen triangle, fixing various burnt our street lights (including those in the parking lot of the Sorority Complex, and a blue emergency pole on the walkway by Grand River Chapel. 

Kansas City & Liberty Community (Tyler Stevens): will be looking into promoting upcoming Liberty events and spreading the word about the various student discounts available around town. 

Sustainability (Megan Wilson): looking into establishing better means of glass recycling on campus

Spirit (Brennan Canuteson): better publicizing of campus athletics schedule

Housing (Will Bergman): initial projects of interest include getting those cool water fountains that we have in PLC with the water bottle filler installed in each dorm, getting paper towel dispensers in the dorms that do not already have them, and looking into laying a side walk to connect Fraternity Circle and the baseball stadium parking lot to the rest of campus.

Communications (Spencer Allen): here to communicate with you and advertise for your events – will be seeking more effective lines of communication this year.

We are excited to finally get our work started for year and are looking forward to supporting you this year!


Election Results

The election results of the First-Year and Sophomore classes are in! Thank you to everyone that voted, and a big thanks to all that ran for a position. Congratulations to the following students who will representing each class in Student Senate:


Damon Brown

Hank Gamel

Mikayla Roller

Becca Wolfe

Alex Holden


Harry Schwartz 

Brennan Canuteson

Logan Routh

Amelia Hanzlick

Isaac Hamilton


Will Bergman

Spencer Allen

Jimmy Hunter

Hillary Holt

Matthew Luton


Chelsea Taff

Clay Shaffstall

Carley Newberry

Megan Wilson

Tyler Stevens


Don’t Forget to Vote!

A little bit of info on how the voting process will go:

Elections will be done electronically this year, like they were last Spring. The way this works is pretty simple – you will receive an email tomorrow at Jewell Time (around 10:15am) and to vote just click the link in that email and the rest will explain itself. You will be able to vote for five candidates, and you must submit your vote tomorrow some time between the moment the email is sent out, and 5:00pm. All voting will close at 5:00 tomorrow evening. 

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Meeting: 23 April 2013

Here’s what we did in tonight’s meeting:

We heard a fund request introduced by Isaac Hamilton requesting $4,500 to resurface the tennis courts at Jewell. We discussed the request this week and we’ll vote in meeting next week.

Senate is working to create a streamlined process for organizational purchases over $500 and will communicate that to the student body to inform everyone the steps an organization must go through and how long each step will take.

We spoke to facilities about the new speed bumps on campus. It looks as though they are here to stay. They may be a bit of a nuisance but they are there for safety reasons. Facilities suggests taking them at 1-5 mph to avoid any sort of damage to your car.

Senate is working on making some logistical changes to the Senate for next year and voted to postpone class Senator elections until the fall. We’ll keep you updated, but know that Senators won’t be elected until late August or early September.

There is a CUAt the Movies on May 7 and we are working on getting some discounts at Sheridan’s Custard to pair with the movie that night – we’ll let you know.

There will be a 5k run this Saturday to benefit the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. It’s at 9 am and will start by Greene Stadium. It’s $5 to register and $10 for a benefit t-shirt.