Don’t Forget to Vote!

A little bit of info on how the voting process will go:

Elections will be done electronically this year, like they were last Spring. The way this works is pretty simple – you will receive an email tomorrow at Jewell Time (around 10:15am) and to vote just click the link in that email and the rest will explain itself. You will be able to vote for five candidates, and you must submit your vote tomorrow some time between the moment the email is sent out, and 5:00pm. All voting will close at 5:00 tomorrow evening. 

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Meeting: 23 April 2013

Here’s what we did in tonight’s meeting:

We heard a fund request introduced by Isaac Hamilton requesting $4,500 to resurface the tennis courts at Jewell. We discussed the request this week and we’ll vote in meeting next week.

Senate is working to create a streamlined process for organizational purchases over $500 and will communicate that to the student body to inform everyone the steps an organization must go through and how long each step will take.

We spoke to facilities about the new speed bumps on campus. It looks as though they are here to stay. They may be a bit of a nuisance but they are there for safety reasons. Facilities suggests taking them at 1-5 mph to avoid any sort of damage to your car.

Senate is working on making some logistical changes to the Senate for next year and voted to postpone class Senator elections until the fall. We’ll keep you updated, but know that Senators won’t be elected until late August or early September.

There is a CUAt the Movies on May 7 and we are working on getting some discounts at Sheridan’s Custard to pair with the movie that night – we’ll let you know.

There will be a 5k run this Saturday to benefit the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. It’s at 9 am and will start by Greene Stadium. It’s $5 to register and $10 for a benefit t-shirt.


Meeting 5 March 2013

Here’s what we did in this week’s meeting…

Set office hours have not been of benefit, so they are going to be discontinued. You can still set up a meeting by emailing us at

We’ve contacted the Independent Student Association because we’d like to make sure they get off to a great start as an organization on campus. They are off to a great start.

We’ve met with Steve Anderson, director of facilities, to see about the Perch Patio. At this point in time we are looking at how feasible it would be to put in a patio and whether or not the building structure is set up to hold that sort of weight. We’ll get back with you when we know more.

We’ve passed a motion to allocate funds to provide a new student section banner. We’re working on designing it and then we’ll have it up as soon as we receive it.


KC & Liberty: We will be unable to provide students a bowling night for risk management reasons, but we are looking into providing Royals tickets or other event tickets to students at a reduced price or free of cost.

Spirit: The banner project is in the works, we’re meeting with the director of the bookstore to see about spirit wear, and we’re working in collaboration for the frisbee golf tournament.

Com: Our advertising sign is currently missing. If you have seen it or you know where it is, help us find it!

Housing: we’re taking care of some housekeeping items from last week and we’re working on getting DVD players in some locations where there are none.

Sustainability: Met with Bruce Reed, head of dining services, about mugs recently – get a report next week. We’re also looking into more sustainable washers/dryers for the future.

Student Life: we’re continuing to work on the disk golf tournament. We may partner with a fraternity to make it happen.

Next week we will hold senior speaker nominations. Look for us in the union and if you are a senior, VOTE!


12 February 2013

Here’s what we did in our last meeting…

We are sad to announce that our current VP, Miss Caty Compton, will be unable to continue with us for the remainder of the semester. We will sorely miss her joyful attitude and sound judgement. Cabinet will confer and soon announce the new VP appointment.

Our campus safety office, student life office, and facilities are working in collaboration to help educate the campus on fire, tornado, and campus intruder protocols. The desire is to keep students safe and the best way to do that is to educate the student body.

We are working on a project idea to turn the roof outside the union into a coffee patio. This is just in its preliminary stage and there is no sure way to know how it will end up, but we would like to pursue it to see if we can pull it off. We think it would be a great addition to the union.

We are working to create a task force to get real and solid feedback on possible changes that will be occurring with the smoking policy. We’ll be eliciting this feedback electronically soon.

We are pleased to welcome Miss Taylor Poslosky as a new senior senator. We look forward to great work she will do to finish out her senior year!

KC & Liberty: working to create a bowling night for students sponsored by Senate. Working to subsidize sport and concert tickets.

Spirit: the duck dynasty night was successful. Working to promote the bookstore. Working to get a larger “Flock” sign for the student cheering section.

Sustainability: working with the art department to create new mug designs.

Student Life: the extra RD parking spot by Semple is now student parking. April 21 will be the Senate sponsored frisbee golf tournament.

5 February 2013

Here’s what we did in tonight’s meeting…

We reported on a meeting Senate cabinet had with the Student Life Office. We will be working to find a way to make communication about residence hall maintenance better. Right now if you submit a work order it will be completed, but there is little notice of when it will happen. You could easily come back to your room after class and find workers in your room or they could accidentally wake you up if the work is done in the morning. This is already on Facilities’s radar and we’ll keep you updated with what happens.

We are looking to finish up our smoking policy changes and implement them fully come fall 2013. We will have a task force made up of smokers within the next two weeks. If you would like to have a say in the conversation, let us know and you are welcome to join us.

Tonight we granted a fund request from Edward Scott, President of the Black Student Association, to subsidize a lunch and reception for an event they are putting on bring Dr. Marc Lemont Hill to campus on February 17. There is a lecture open to all students and people from the community on 17 February at 6 pm.

Committee work:

Student Life: we’re planning to free up one of the RD parking spots by Semple for student use since there is only one RD in Semple. Look for that soon. We’re pursuing possibly turning the roof of the union behind the perch into an outdoor seating area – more on this to come later.

Communications: we have an open senior senator position. If you are a senior and you are interested, let us know!

KC & Liberty Community: we are working on having some Jewell bowling nights at RetroBowl sponsored by Student Senate. We would also like to partially subsidize some tickets to sporting/music events for students.

Sustainability: we are working on getting new refillable mugs for students to use in the Perch. We are also looking to reduce the number of receipts printed in the Perch and the Cage.

Spirit: there will be some sweet advertising outside the caf on Thursday for the Duck Dynasty game, you’ll surely see it.

Housing: Tyler White is our new housing committee chair. If you have any issues with housing, please don’t hesitate to contact him. Facilities knows about the hot water issues in Semple and they are working on them. We are also working on getting blinds in the sorority wings for privacy.

Meeting: 29 January 2013

We have reconvened for the semester!

Here’s what we did in meeting today…

Today was bring a friend day, thanks to all of you non-senators who joined us! It was also Temporary Tattoo Tuesday, this President personally chose to go with the Hello Kitty tattoo. A big thanks to Caty Compton for providing the tattoos.

We have added office hours at set times. These will be Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 – 8 pm in the Perch. You can always set up a meeting with us or catch us on the way to class.

We received a funds request from the Black Student Association to subsidize a lunch they are having for a speaker they are bringing to campus on 17 February 2013. Dr. Marc Lemont Hill will be addressing the college from 6 – 8 pm on that day in Gano Chapel. We’ll vote on the funds request in next week’s meeting.

Senate will be represented at the Scholar Recognition Days coming up this Feb 2, Feb 16, and March 2 as well as at the Center for Justice and Sustainability Summit in mid-February.

Unfortunately one of our senior senators had to resign their position for unexpected personal reasons so we have an open senior seat for this semester. If you are a senior (by the class you came in with) and you would like to pursue a position, send us an email!


Committee work:

Student Life: working on freeing up one RD parking spot by Semple Hall since there are two parking spaces for one RD; working on developing a system for maintenance to notify students when they will be working in their room so that there won’t be so many unexpected visits from Facilities when rooms are in need of maintenance; working to provide the sororities with blinds or privacy curtains in their wings; working with the Student Life Office and Facilities in the renovation of the Cage in the upcoming year.

Communications: updating the Student Senate board right outside the Cage; informing the student body of the open senior senator position; advertising for the basketball games dubbed “Duck Dynasty Night”.

Kansas City & Liberty: brainstorming events to get students involved in the community.

Sustainability: working to create more popular coffee tumblers in the Perch; pursuing more ergonomic water fountains around campus (the ones that have the water bottle faucet).

Spirit: working on creating a convenient parking spot to be given to a student named “most spirited”; working to acquire a new “Flock” sign; Rallying students for “Duck Dynasty Night”.

Housing: electing a new chair; pursuing hot water issues in Semple Hall.